Genelec Active Subwoofers

Genelec Active Subwoofers are powerful low frequency loudspeakers designed to complement perfectly Genelec active monitors. The amplifier unit integrated into the cabinet contains active crossover filters, driver overload protection circuitry, a power amplifier and a complete bass management system.

Genelec Active Subwoofers extend the low frequency response of main monitors in stereo and multichannel audio applications. The 7050B complements perfectly either 8010A or 8020C models for 5.1 monitoring applications. The larger subwoofers feature Genelec proprietary 6.1 bass management system, which allows to link several subwoofers together via a summed output signal. In all models, and for the LFE channel, different LFE channel reproduction bandwidth configurations can be selected.

Genelec Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) active subwoofer series feature the LSE bass reflex cabinet which is made of a sheet metal rolled into a spiral shape and clamped between thick MDF side panels. This new construction technique provides excellent laminar flow characteristics with minimal turbulence noise as well as extended low frequency capacity, low distortion and precise bass articulation. The flagship 7073A subwoofer feature a proprietary and innovative reflex tube that is housed in a large, rugged enclosure particularly suited for flush mounted installations.

To complement SAM monitors and built upon the proven 7000 Series LSE technology, the 7260A, 7270A and 7271A SAM Series subwoofers deliver articulate and precise low frequency reproduction. SAM subwoofers feature a built-in 7.1 bass management system and provide the cornerstone for control room environments equipped with fully digital monitor/buss outputs featuring connectivity via four AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs. Connected to Genelec network and controlled via the GLM™ software and AutoCal™, powerful control resources and enhanced acoustic integration are provided for every SAM subwoofer model in any control room environment.

SAM systems are, by design, straightforward and easy to use, versatile in configuration and adaptable acoustically to nearly any environment you place them in, providing outstanding clarity, definition and neutrality that you can always trust.