Warranty Policy


Genelec Oy supplies its products with a two (2) year guarantee for materials and workmanship. Full sales and guarantee terms are agreed locally by the respective distributors and local sellers.

Starting 1st of September 2010 you can register your products in the Genelec Community for 2 years extra warranty extending the total warranty time to 4 years.

If these terms include any extensions to the coverage of Genelec Oy warranty, these extensions are the sole responsibility of the other party (the distributor or the local seller).

Please note that the extended warranty only applies to the following products and product lines: 6010A, 5040A, 5051A, 8130A, 8240A, 8250A, all analogue 4000 Series, 8000 Series and 7000 Series products (excluding the 7073A).

Please register your product/s at the following address: www.community.genelec.com