Genelec Active Speakers On Tour With Method Man and DJ Cilvaringz


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Cilvaringz is a European born Hip Hop artist who has been part of the Wu-Tang Clan from 1999 onwards. Since the age of 13 he has been studying the art of Hip Hop. As a young rapper his goal was to join iconic rap band the Wu-Tang Clan and expand their 2nd generation ”Killa Beez” -album internationally.

To prove his motivation and talent, Cilvaringz jumped on stage during a Wu-Tang Clan concert in 1997 in his hometown
Amsterdam, and performed a 2 minute freestyle.

Wu-Tang's leader and producer RZA, noticed positively the fearless rapper, but it took Cilvaringz two more years and numerous flies between Europe and US, before he finally reached his dream becoming a member of Wu-Tang. Now, besides being a rapper, he also works as a manager and a producer. During his tour with Method Man we had a close encounter with Cilvaringz before their gig at Circus Club in Helsinki. Enjoy the interview and the video. Cilvaringz biography available here.