Genelec active monitors in studio with Jaakko Salovaara - JS16!


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Behind the name JS16 is the Finnish musician Jaakko Salovaara. His first release was the vinyl Hypnosynthesis at the age of 16. With his club/dance music album Stomping System in 1998 and hits like "Stomp to My Beat" and "Love Supreme", he gained the Finnish audience's attention. Furthermore, the single "Stomping System" also reached top positions on several charts in the UK. Stomp to my Beat hit the charts in Canada and Australia and became a club hit in the USA.

JS16 has a solid classical background. He began taking cello lessons already at the age of five and has even played in the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.
Jaakko is also well known for his work as a producer for Darude and Bomfunk MC's which both have received top chart positions, gold and platinum sales status in country after country. Darude's track Sandstorm was an enormous hit around Europe, Australia and USA in years 2000–2001. Bomfunk MC's track Freestyler was the best selling single in Europe in year 2000.
See the interview at his studio in Helsinki.
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