Genelec Active Speakers in Park Studio with KENT!


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Kent is probably the greatest and the most popular rock band in Scandinavia. They received their first Grammis Award for "the best Pop/rock Group of the Year" in 1995, and have since won 19 in total. That makes Kent the most Grammis Award-winning artist in Sweden. The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet has awarded Kent with 11 Rockbjörnen Awards, including the prestigious "Award for the best effort in Sweden for Swedish music" in 1997. Their forth album “Vapen & Ammuninition” has sold six times platinum since 2002. Besides being an energetic live band, Kent’s members also put a lot of effort in studio work. We joined the band and their producer Stefan Boman at their studio in Sweden. See what Stefan and lead guitarist Sami Sirviö had to say. More about Kent at