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SAM™ Studio Monitors

Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring (SAM™) family is a solution for implementing monitoring systems for the most demanding professional monitoring applications.

The smart monitors are controlled using Genelec’s proprietary loudspeaker management (GLM™) network and software. The GLM software contains an automated acoustic calibration feature GLM AutoCal™. This is the industry’s first integrated calibration process for complete automated measurement, acoustic response analysis and individual adjustment of every monitor and subwoofer on the monitoring setup. After the automated calibration, all components in the system play back at the same level, the acoustic delay differences caused by varying monitor distances have been compensated, and the acoustical colorations have been equalized.

The quality of the room acoustic design is the basis for accurate sound reproduction. In acoustically compromised rooms,  Genelec’s intelligent GLM AutoCal™ technology is able to improve the precision of monitoring with SAM studio monitor by compensating deficiencies in the listening environment. This can be done for any number of chosen listening positions or over a selected listening area. The SAM system automatically compensates detrimental room acoustic anomalies, particularly at low and low-mid frequencies, where they are the most prevalent.

Genelec SAM is the most advanced monitoring technology available today.


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Installing Genelec 1236 SAM main studio monitor system in a room

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