What is the effect of using a table stand on a monitor’s frequency response – Tip 14

First let’s look at the measurements of a typical small two-way monitor placed on a large surface with and without Genelec L-shaped table stand.

The red curve illustrates the measurement of a 6010A monitor placed on a large surface without a stand and the green curve shows the improvement in the frequency response after using the table stand.

tip14 fig1

Another set of measurements display the effect with an 8020B monitor.

tip14 fig2

Placing a small monitor close to a large surface such as a table and other furniture causes reflections from the surface, resulting in coloration of the perceived sound in the listening position. This translates as bass boost, phase cancellations, energy loss and sound coloration in midrange frequencies. These cases clearly illustrate the consequences of the presence of large surfaces on the perceived sound image. Using the L-shaped table stands can give you immediate improvements in the frequency response but also provide more adjustment possibilities to aim the monitors correctly towards your listening position.

tip14 fig3The L-shaped table stands are available from your local dealer or from the Genelec webshop

More information about stands and other accessories can be found in Genelec Accessories Catalogue