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The Voice of Finland 2017

Once again Genelec is one of the sponsors of channel Nelonen's The Voice of Finland show, now on its sixth season

By being involved in The Voice of Finland Genelec wants to support artists working in the music industry today and in the future. Around the world Genelec's products are used in recording studios, which are key working environments also for the upcoming the Voice of Finland winner. The competition winner will receive Genelec monitors of his/her choice.

Genelec products are a natural part of the production of TVOF and they are being used, for example, in the studios and outside broadcast vans shown in the program.

Genelec is active on social media concerning The Voice of Finland. You can follow us for example on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the user name @Genelec.


The premise of the show is interesting: In the first stage the contestants perform a blind audition for the four coaches, who have nothing else to go by but what they hear. In other words, only the voice matters, and that is also at the core of Genelec: Our loudspeakers let you hear the source material as it is, with nothing added and nothing removed.

Last year we rewarded the season's winner, Suvi Åkerman: