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What Hi-Fi India

6. - 8.3.2020

Come and meet Genelec at the What Hi-Fi show and hear the combination of the new 8361 coaxial point source loudspeaker from ‘The Ones’ series, working in harmony with the new W371 adaptive woofer system.

No other high end speakers match Genelec’s ability to let you experience every detail and nuance of a musical performance, just as the artist intended you to hear it. With performance so precise and transparent, we’ll bring you much closer to the music.

For over 40 years, top engineers and artists the world over have trusted the accuracy and clarity of Genelec speakers to help them make legendary records, and you too can enjoy the same pristine studio quality sound in your home.

The free-standing combination of the 8361 and W371 is unrivalled in its ability to minimise the negative acoustic influences of your room, allowing you to completely optimise the performance to your unique space, and enabling you to hear ‘more of the music’ - even in acoustically challenging environments.

As well as the flagship 8361, we’ll have the entire family of ‘The Ones’ coaxial loudspeakers on display, including the 8351B, 8341 and super-compact 8331 models – thus providing a solution for any room size and listening distance.

We’ll be running continuous demonstrations throughout the entire show, so simply drop by - and be prepared to be amazed…

Read more about The Ones here.

St. Regis Hotel, floor 15

Mumbai India