4000 Series Plays Starring Role at Ground-breaking New Visitor Centre

Vantaan Energia, one of Finland’s largest urban energy companies, has recently completed the development of an impressive waste-to-energy plant. The plant is located close to Helsinki and will be processing mixed waste collected from Uusimaa, a region that includes the capital city of Finland, as well as Vantaa and surrounding areas. The result is that the plant will produce half of the district heating and 30% of the electricity needed in Vantaa.

A visitor experience centre has also been created as part of the development. The centre features interactive exhibits and scale models that help visitors to the site understand more about the waste to energy process. The visitor centre has scale models which demonstrate the inner workings of the plant as well as taking visitors on a virtual journey through the plant. There is an impressive audio visual installation that complements the exhibition featuring large screen displays and Genelec 4000 Series loudspeakers. All of the scale model design as well as the interiors was carried out by Helsinki-based design practice Muotohiomo.

The company worked closely with Genelec and Starlike, Finland’s largest solutions provider for audiovisual and event technology to create an installation that would be versatile enough to meet the demands of large and small groups of people, as well as background and ambient music for presentations. A special feature of the visitor centre is the ‘geodesic dome’ that is hung from the ceiling of the centre. The dome was conceived when a party of school children visited the centre on an educational trip and were inspired to suggest an immersive audio experience would perfectly complement the visual elements.

Muotohiomo took up the challenge and commissioned Estonian composer Mait Juriano to create a unique sound scape based on the sounds created by the waste to energy process. The dome has a diameter of five metres and is made up of seventy five triangular felt shapes fitted together. To ensure a continuation of the sustainable philosophy of the project, the dome is created from moulded and pressed, sound absorbent felt manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Genelec 4030 active loudspeakers are mounted inside the dome and several visitors at a time can enjoy the bespoke soundscapes from the seats positioned beneath.

The 4000 Series models installed on the project include the compact size 4010s, the 4030s and the larger 4040s alongside the F Two subwoofer. The 4000 Series is Genelec’s market-leading range for AV install. These high performance, two-way active loudspeakers, have been specifically designed to deliver major benefits to systems integrators.

All of the models in the new 4000 Series are fitted with ‘Phoenix’ screw terminals in common with many other leading products in the sector. This ensures an easy, secure connection, which delivers interference-free, professional quality sound. The audio performance and stress-free installation is further enhanced by the 4000 Series’ integrated amplifier. The in-built protection circuitry guarantees the reliability of the loudspeaker system in all operating conditions as the drivers are electronically protected from signal peaks and misuse of the system. A single assembly, combination chassis, makes for a surprisingly compact and powerful amplified loudspeaker system which is easy to install and can be discreetly integrated into end-user environments of all types and design.

The range also features precise ‘Room Response’ controls including calibrated bass tilt, treble tilt and bass roll-off, optimise the loudspeaker’s response to different acoustical environments and guarantee first-class sound whatever the interior design. Mounting is also simple: the integrated support points for Omnimount 20.5 series hardware on the enclosure back panel, and the 3/8” UNC threaded hole at the base of the enclosure and the wide variety of mounting options and accessories available from Genelec, provide versatility and choice to suit all installation scenarios.

Kit list 

4030B dome 7
F Two dome 1
4040A ceiling matrix 10
4040A main screen 2
4010A side screens 4