AIW26B Active In-Wall Speaker

The AIW26B offers the same exceptional sound quality as its smaller AIW25 sibling, but with a more generous SPL capability and low frequency extension - making it the natural choice for larger spaces.


110 dB

Amplifier Power

120 W Bass (Class AB) + 120 W Treble (Class AB)

Frequency Response

39 Hz - 25 kHz ("-6dB")

Accuracy of Frequency Response

± 2.5 dB (45 Hz - 21 kHz)

Driver Dimensions

165 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble (view in inches)


H 552 x W 303 x D 102 mm, (view in inches)


8.7 kg / 19.2 lb


1 x RCA Analog Input

1 x XLR Analog Input

Color options:

Outstanding sonic performance

Designed for state-of-the-art audio installations, the elegant, discreet appearance of the AIW26B complements its outstanding sonic performance. Providing clean, transparent audio reproduction, the AIW26B will integrate seamlessly into a standard 2” x 4” wall system in either new or retro-fit installations. Its grille and mounting frame can be painted to match any interior design, blending discreetly into home theatres, restaurants, art galleries, museums or boardrooms – where it will provide decades of reliable service.

Get more active

Genelec’s active approach means that both drivers in the AIW26B are powered by the remote mounting individually calibrated RAM1 amplifier module, thus avoiding any issues with amplifier/speaker matching. The RAM1 features Room Response Controls for optimising the frequency response of the AIW26B to match any acoustic environment, delivering transparent and uncoloured performance, even in challenging spaces.

Key Technologies

Active Crossovers

Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology

Optimized Amplifiers

Protection Circuitry

Room Response Compensation

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AIW26B Active In-Wall Speaker - Installation Video

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