Art Photography Summer Project

Genelec 2015 summer employees. 28 summer employees have been working in production, human resources, marketing and sales, financial and administration, logistics, and in the factory’s cafeteria. This year summer employees arranged a photography exhibition about Genelec corporate values.

Corporate Values in Images

At Genelec, we have had another great tradition deeply tied to the company’s values and sustainable thinking. All along during the history of the company, we have offered the possibility of hands-on working experiences to young talents and students, particularly during the summer time.

Helping us running our manufacturing during the holiday season, these working experiences are offering us also additonal meaning to our corporate mission. We feel every student and young talent has the right to have a dream about his or her future which is, in one way or another, connected to the working life. By offering summer training possibilities to students we help them to grow their dream for the future and this is rewarding.

In return, we have also gained the possibility of refreshing our minds and the dynamic of our organization by being exposed to the richness of new open-minded ideas. Therefore, getting new talents in our organization and repeating such exercise each summer has become an indispensable experience for the company as well. Over the years, many of our summer trainees have become permanent members of the Genelec family and well-recognized in the audio industry. Those who have continued their life somewhere else have also stayed close to the Genelec story in one way or another. We are very happy for that too.

This year, we decided to go one step further to discover the individual experiences of our wonderful Genelec summer trainees by using empowering photography to express some of our key corporate values. Doing so, they have also participated in supporting the sustainability of our working community, its identity and joyful work atmosphere which are some of the essential elements behind the quality of our offerings. The outcome of this exercise has been so wonderful that we have decided to keep it as an established tradition for the future also.

Warm thanks to the entire 2015 summer trainee team for their excellent effort and for the time they have given to Genelec both at work and also during this photography project.

With best wishes,

Siamäk Naghian

Managing Director

Photographies Gallery

”Good morning!” At Genelec, we greet everyone.

Meeting. All information is shared and everyone is listened to.

Fair Play. Everyone follows the same equal rules.

Legacy. We believe that our speakers last from generation to generation.

M. M Series’ enclosures are made of natural composite (NCE™).

Equals. In our company, no titles are used.

Transparency. We can be open about the quality of our products.

We pull together. There are all kinds of people working at Genelec.

Dinner. At Genelec, everyone can sit at the same table.

Kake. Kake is made of spare packing materials and pieces of circuit board.

Mind over matter. We believe in our work and products.

Teamwork. Everyone helps everyone.


22 year old ICT technician Jan Pikkarainen is working at Genelec for the first time this summer. He works in the electronics assembly and testing lab.

“On one hand, the best thing at Genelec is freedom due to flexible working hours, but on the other hand, the responsibility and tasks of the summer employees are the same as the ones for the permanent workers.”

Vilma Virkkunen, 20, has graduated as a baker-confectioner and is working at Genelec for the first tiem this summer. Vilma works at the factory’s caféteria. Her responsibilities span from organizing and buying supplies for coffee servings, cleaning the kitchen to other planning tasks concerning the caféteria.

“The best things at Genelec are the people and working environment in general. I especially like working full-time.”

23 year old Erkka Kokkonen studies IT at university and is working at Genelec for the fifth summer. Anton Geimonen, 21, has been working at Genelec every summer since 2009. This fall he will start his studies at the University of Jyväskylä. For ICT student Teemu Tuomela, 18, this is the second summer at Genelec.

All three find the good atmosphere and colleagues to be the best things at Genelec.