Case Study: Dreams Come True at Swedish Home Cinema

When Mattias ‘Matti’ Bjorkman, a custom installer based in Sweden decided to create a home cinema in his property, he knew that excellent quality audio would play an important role in the completed room. With many years of working in the industry behind him, his knowledge of the available products was extensive. But he decided that if he wanted to achieve the best possible home cinema experience, only one speaker brand would do – Genelec.

Matti and his family live near Linköping in South East Sweden. He has worked for almost 20 years in the AV business in the area with a broad range of experience in both commercial and residential installations. When he decided to undertake a renovation of his property he knew that he wanted to install a whole home control system that could be used by the whole family.

Entertainment and lifestyle benefits were an important objective and the Control 4 system integrates lighting control, multi-room audio and security into one easy-to-use and intuitive system. Later, he set about transforming one of the home’s bedrooms into a dedicated home cinema room which could be used for watching movies, gaming, and listening to music. He began work in July 2014, and has recently completed the project and is delighted with the result: “I’ve always wanted to create my own home cinema room and it’s great to have achieved that,” says Matti.

“The space is effectively our ‘media room’ where we watch movies as a family, the kids can enjoy gaming and I can relax and chill out listening to music. I’m especially pleased with the quality of the audio in the room. The Genelec system really delivers on all our audio needs and the power and quality of the system really contributes to a truly immersive experience that once experienced is never forgotten.”

The room features an impressive Screen Excellence 4K screen combined with a JVC X35 projector. At 115” in a 16:9 ratio, the screen is the dominant feature in the space but the slim design makes it a discreet presence in the room. Content can be drawn from a Oppo 103D Bluray player, Apple TV, Playstation 4, as well as a host of other sources all managed by an Integra 80.6 Cinemaprocessor.

The 5.1.2 home cinema audio set up is equally impressive. There are three front speakers – left, centre, right – which are Genelec 1238CF’s placed in a cabinet below the screen area. The Surround Sound speakers are two Genelec 8250s with the addition of two 8330s adding Dolby Atmos capability to the system. The system also features a 7271 subwoofer and a Genelec AD9200A Analog to Digital converter to realise the full potential and benefits of DSP monitoring for the application.

"The Genelec system really delivers on all our audio needs and the power and quality of the system really contributes to a truly immersive experience that once experienced is never forgotten.”

The room acoustics have also been carefully considered and the room has upholstered furniture which has resulted in accurate imaging. A blackout blind has been installed to cut out daylight and eliminate glare on the screen.

To get the very best from his loudspeaker system Matti employed Genelec’s Smart Active Monitor (SAM) technology. SAM ensures all speakers optimise themselves by automatically aligning levels and timing while equalising any room response anomalies. This guarantees that Matti and his family hear the original nuances of the audio source, without leaving anything out or adding anything to the signal – so audio is heard just as the artist intended.

Erik Skanderbeck, Sales Manager Home Audio/AV Install in the region also presented Matti with a framed copy of the individual measurements of his own speakers – all of this data is by Genelec for future reference.

“I’m really pleased with the home cinema room and the visitors I’ve had have been really impressed with the audio,” adds Matti. “I put that down to working closely with Genelec during the design and installation stages and that partnership has definitely paid off.”

Kit List

 Front Speakers

 Surround Speakers

 Atmos Speakers


 A/D Converter


  • Integra 80.6


  •  Oppo 103D


  • Dune. Apple TV


  •  Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K Slim AT 115” 16:9


  •  JVC X35


  • Control4 HC800 and SR 250 system remote.

Download (pdf) (4,7 MB)