Contest: Share your eco-friendly tips!

Last month we asked you 'How can you make a studio more environmentally friendly?' After reading all your inspiring answers we've collected a list of a few of our favourites. 

  1. Furnish with items made from recycled materials. Choose bamboo over plastic.

  2. Buy green energy and install solar panels on your roof.

  3. Only keep the necessary equipment turned on. Turn everything off when you leave.

  4. Connect your gear to a switched extension cord. It makes turning off your appliances easier.

  5. Recycle your garbage.

  6. Think twice before you buy a new piece of equipment.

  7. Use acoustic absorbers made of plant materials.

  8. Focus on buying only top quality and hence sustainable, long-lasting hardware.

  9. Use Genelecs with the ISS power-saving feature activated.

  10. Acquire monitors made of recycled materials.


Congratulations to our winners Ratna, Adam and Matti, new owners of a Genelec tote bag and a T-shirt, both made from 100% recycled materials.