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Yash Raj FilmsYash Raj Films’ new ground-up studio would be an extraordinary complex anywhere but the fact that it is in Mumbai, the home of Bollywood, shows just how far the Indian Film Industry, the world’s second largest, has come. YRF is the most recent addition to Yash Copra, India’s most successful filmmaker's empire, a conglomerate with interests spanning from film production to distribution including record labels, advertising and internet businesses.

A centre for producing movies, the money-no-object facilities include large three soundproofed and air-conditioned sound stages with full supporting spaces, cafeteria, gym andspectacular reception areas.Sound is taken very seriously and one wing of the complex houses six studios, all designed by US consultant Martin Pilchner to the highest international standards,and using Genelec monitors throughout.Yash Raj FilmsTwo studios are dedicated to music recording with the larger housing an AMS Neve 88R console set in a large control room with a 5.1 monitoring powered by Genelec 1036As and 7073A sub, taking lines from a studio area able to house an 80 piece orchestra with four additional iso areas. The second studio is smaller with 1039A/7073A 5.1 monitoring, an AMS Neve Libra digital console and a live area for up to 24 musicians. Both studios are equipped for scoring or music recording with ample outboard, generous ceiling height and high spec air-conditioning to keep noise levels very low. The other studios are more specifically film orientated.Yash Raj Films

An AMS Neve DFC-II dominates the Dolby Digital and DTS approved Film Mix Theatre that runs both 35mm and digital projection systems. This room is supported by Dubbing and Foley suites with networked Libra Post consoles and AudioFiles, and Genelec 1039A based stereo and 5.1 monitoring respectively. The last of the studios is a Tracking suite based around a Digidesign Icon D with 5.1 monitoring using 1039A for the front,8040As for the rear supported by a 7073A sub.

Yash Raj FilmsThe technical side of the installation was managed by consultant engineer Daman Sood.
"In the Indian market Genelec monitors are regarded as extremely rugged and well proven, which is important. People like to listen loud and with the control rooms having high ceilings you need big monitors to get a lot of LF energy working in that space."

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