First Pair of 1036A in North Europe

Lundgaard studio outside winterLundgaard Studios is a residential studio complex in rural Denmark - and a very well-equipped one at that - sporting 2 main control rooms with Euphonix and SSL E-Series consoles, plus a number of editing and mastering suites. Studio owner Henning Tobiasen is an avid Genelec fan that already owns several units; 2 pairs of 1030A, 3 pairs of 1031A, a pair of 1038A and a pair of 1039A. Recently, however, for the main control room, he decided to "go all the way".

Lundgaard control room"I had listened to 1036A's in studios abroad, and even though I've been very happy with the 1039's, I realized that the 1036A's are really in a league of their own and that they would indeed take the listening experience to the next level", Henning Tobiasen recalls.
Just recently, Danish Genelec distributor New Musik delivered the two gigantic "black boxes" and concurrently, they visited the impressive facilities with experts from Genelec Finland for final measurements and tuning. "We are very happy with the result", Tobiasen continues, "the new monitoring facilities reveal even the tiniest details in the music, and the headroom is awesome. I really don't think I've ever heard anything quite like it."

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