First pair of 1236As installed in a major European Recording Studio

On March 15th, Metropolis Studios in London took the new pair of Genelec SAM 1236 into use in their busy “Studio B”. Already this weekend it will be working for the US Artist and previously, it was the studio where Adele recorded her latest album “25”.

Artists like Amy Winehouse, The Verve, Florence and The Machine, Paloma Faith, or Lauren Hill, among many others, have also recorded in this studio.

The 1236A in Studio B replace a pair of Genelec 1035A, which were installed in this studio since the opening in 1989. There is a legacy to be continued. The 1035A have done a great job for 27 years.

At the same time the studio has upgraded their near-fields to a pair of 8351A SAM monitors.

For the historically minded it may be of interest to know that 1989 was also the year that the Genelec 1035 was introduced to the market, getting quick acceptance for being the loudest and cleanest main monitor available at that time and several installs followed in the UK, USA and Japan.

Studio B is shinning nw @Genelec Speakers in da house We R #proud Lars & Andy & Nico @ThisMetropolis @krmbmanagement

— Le Third Floor (@lethirdfloor) March 15, 2016


Those Genelecs though! Studio B's refurb going swell.

— Metropolis Studios (@ThisMetropolis) March 15, 2016

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