Genelec 8320A receives MusicTech Magazine Silver Award

We are proud that the readers of MusicTech Magazine voted enthusiastically for the Genelec 8320A SAM studio monitor in the magazine’s 2016 Gear Of The Year Awards – and as a result the 8320A received the highly commended Silver Award in the Best Monitor category.

MusicTech’s Gear Of The Year awards began in 2013, and have quickly become a true benchmark of quality for newly launched music-production products. It’s been a happy hunting ground for Genelec, as we won the Platinum award in the same Best Monitor category in 2014 with the 8010A compact studio monitor. (Details here)

For this year’s awards, readers were able to vote online for their favourite products across 12 music-production categories - alongside votes from a group of MusicTech’s own experts - and the winners were announced at a special award ceremony in London on December 7th.

The 8320A was reviewed alongside it’s larger 8330A brother by Music Tech’s own Huw Price in March 2016, and he found that “both speakers score highly for openness and realism of the sound stage, and the walk-in clarity. In this regard, they’re among the few monitors that give our regular monitors a run for their money. Every mix element seemed to occupy a distinct space within a precisely conveyed stereo picture.” Price’s conclusion was that they were “Open, real and clear monitors that benefit from the SAM system.”

The small-but-mighty 8320A is a 2-way active monitor that offers all the trademark benefits of Genelec loudspeaker technology - incredible neutrality, wide and flat frequency response, low distortion and unrivalled on-axis and off-axis response - but goes one step further, since SAM products can incorporate Genelec’s own GLM loudspeaker management software to ensure that the speakers are perfectly calibrated to your listening environment, compensating for detrimental room influences to create a truly optimised monitoring solution. 

Read Huw Price’s full 8320A review