Genelec 8331 shortlisted for Music Tech Gear Of The Year Award

It’s that special time of year when all the best new music technology products of 2017 are analysed, shortlisted and then you, the public, get to choose your favourites.

We’re delighted that we’ve started to attract quite a few nominations this year, and Music Tech magazine is the latest to recognise us, shortlisting the 8331 for their 2017 Gear Of The Year Awards.

Launched back in May of this year, the 8331 is the most compact of our range of coaxial three-way studio monitors called The Ones, which have set a new benchmark for nearfield performance. The Ultimate Point Source design of the 8331 delivers a super-wide sweet spot and unbelievable imaging, allowing you to monitor with total confidence - hour after hour. And thanks to the ever-evolving GLM calibration software, the 8331 can adapt to even the most challenging acoustic environments.

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