Genelec and Harri Koskinen

Internationally renowned Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen has been collaborating with Genelec for many years, bringing a unique voice to the aesthetic of our products.

The Encounter of Art and Science

Since 1978, Genelec has recognized the added value of high-quality design. Using various engineering and artistic disciplines our products have always been developed with functionality, aesthetic, ergonomic and the highest usability standards in mind.

From the beginning industrial design has been at the heart of any product design and part of the innovative company culture.

Image 1. Genelec 1024A (1979). The enclosure design of Genelec monitors are the results of comprehensive research work to minimize edge diffraction and optimizing the room to monitor interaction.

Image 2. The 1022 (1985) was designed in the 80s and was one of Genelec’s and the professional audio industry’s first active monitors with integrated industrial design.

The cooperation with renowned Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen began in 2000 when the floor-standing 6040A active speaker, designed by Koskinen, was launched at the Miyake Design Studio Gallery in Tokyo. The collaboration between Genelec and designer Harri Koskinen strongly crystallized ever since.

Koskinen is currently one of the most successful and internationally renowned Finnish contemporary designer, having created an extensive and consistent oeuvre which is original and recognizable. Functionality, versatility, noble materials and aesthetics are rooted in his designs, leading to timeless products with classical beauty.

Koskinen usually incorporates existing techniques and materials but at the same time always attempts to go one step further. He prefers to retain the essence of simplicity in his minimalistic designs, allowing to extract the strongest and essential qualities of a product.

Koskinen’s art uniquely represents the Finnish heritage of art and craft through the functionalist movement until today. His Nordic functional and minimalistic design approach helps to support, by nature, our sustainable development.

The spirit of Finnish culture such as authenticity, integrity, the essence of simplicity, justice and equality are strongly present in his designs and call for innovating possibilities to make the world a better place. 

In the last 15 years, Harri Koskinen’s industrial design art has become an essential part of our company and products’ identity. Using Koskinen design and vision changed forever our corporate image, bringing a unique voice to the aesthetic of our products.

Image 3. Designed by Harri Koskinen, the Genelec 6040 (2001) opened a new era in loudspeaker design and became the inspiration for Genelec 8000 Series.

Genelec Products. Design by Harri Koskinen

If Genelec has been a pioneer in the professional audio industry bringing together industrial and loudspeaker design, the close collaboration between Genelec and Koskinen began at a time when the product offering was growing from professional applications to home use.

As a global company, we were able to take into account the significance of Koskinen industrial design in our product planning. Hence, industrial design became an integrated part of our R&D development processes so that artistic design advantages meet outstanding acoustical performance.

8000, 4000, and G Series

In the acoustic design of an audio monitor, its form is part of its performance. In Genelec small two- and three-way models, every rounded edge of the front baffle is not only there for aesthetic reasons, but also help negate the edge diffraction phenomenon. Minimizing diffraction contributes to uncoloured sound reproduction and neutral tonal characteristics which are critical elements for a quality monitoring system.

To create a smooth and elegantly curved cabinet surface and to reduce the outer dimensions of the enclosure, maximising at the same time the internal volume for improved low frequency efficiency, Koskinen and Genelec R&D team have designed a cabinet made off die-cast aluminium. Furthermore, the Genelec proprietary Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) has also been integrated in the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) to provide improved control of the monitor’s directivity.

Together with all other advanced technological solutions and system design optimizations, Genelec monitors represent today’s sonic reference in the professional audio industry.

Image 4. Launched in 2002, Genelec 8000 Series models became the highest-quality monitor available on the professional audio market in just two years.

7000 Subwoofer Series

Built upon Genelec innovative Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) technology, Koskinen took part in the design of these revolutionary products.

The flow-optimised LSE design provides extended low frequency capacity, low distortion and precise bass articulation. All this packed in very small footprint subwoofer enclosures.

Image 5. Koskinen has also contributed to the success of Genelec 7000 Series LSE subwoofers.


6000 and 5000 Series

In October 2009, Genelec’s 6010A two-way loudspeaker and 5040 active subwoofer won the Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award 2009 in New York for considerable technical achievements in the area of professional sound reproduction equipment.

The 5040A subwoofer also won the Fennia Prize Grand Prix design award in 2009 for its with unique design characteristic.

Image 6. An award-winning trio: a pair of Genelec 6010A's with a 5040A subwoofer.

M Series

Introduced in 2013, the Natural Composite Enclosure (NCE™) of Genelec M Series is made off a material that is best described as an environmentally-friendly, fully recyclable injection-mouldable wood composite. Koskinen worked closely with us to develop these unique products respecting sustainability and environmental values, with low lifecycle carbon footprint.

Image 7. M Series monitors

The Ones

Genelec’s history follows a long continuum of inventions in acoustics, technology, production and industrial design. All roads eventually lead to The Ones: Genelec 8331, 8341 and 8351. Beautifully discreet by the looks, advanced technology inside, the unobtainable goal of acoustic engineers for ages, and offering a sound out of this world. Koskinen was once again at the heart of these remarkable designs.

Image 8. Breaking boundaries, The Ones encompass our most advanced technologies together with artistic intelligence.


Harri Koskinen Biography

Harri Koskinen (born in 1970) has an uncompromising, bold design aesthetic that has gained him international renown since the early days of his career. Practicality, a spare style and a conceptual approach to product and spatial design are Koskinenʼs trademarks. His clients include Alessi, Arabia, Artek, Cassina IXC, Design House Stockholm, Finlandia Vodka Worldwide, Genelec, Iittala, Issey Miyake Inc., Montina, Muji, Panasonic, Seiko Instruments Inc., Swarovski, Venini and Woodnotes.

Founded in 2000, Koskinen's design agency Friends of Industry Ltd. is involved in product, concept and exhibition design. In 2009, Koskinen launched his first namesake collection, Harri Koskinen Works.

Koskinen's works have been on display in exhibitions around the world. He has been awarded several major design prizes, such as the Kaj Franck Design Prize (2014), the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize (2009), the Pro Finlandia Medal (2007) and the Compasso d'Oro prize (2004).