Genelec appoints Wavehouse in Denmark

Kenneth BremerWavehouse is a Danish company that is focused on import and distribution of pro audio equipment. The company is dedicated to good sound. Their customers are companies and dealers that work with M.I., Pro Audio, High-End, Post Production, Radio/Broadcast & Installations.

Wavehouse’s portfolio of products include Focusrite, Sony Oxford, Solid Stage Logic and Bricasti.

The man behind Wavehouse is Kenneth Bremer, who has been in the business for a decade and has been working with many top brands.

Kenneth says:

"Genelec has always been in the best league when it comes to design and development of active studio monitors. Their sound and the performance is the best, and therefore we are proud of Genelec´s choice of WaveHouse to distribute their products in Denmark."

"So catch the sound wave with Genelec at WaveHouse"

Contact details:

Klostergade 68
8000 Århus C

T +45 86 19 63 33
F +45 86 19 63 43