Genelec Artist Room: Verneri Pohjola - Cold Blooded, w/Tuomo & Markus, feat. Glenn Kotche

Verneri Pohjola - a trumpeter and composer from Helsinki, Finland - has been in the international spotlight for the past few years, and is acknowledged as a jazz star in the making. As is the case with many great horn players, Pohjola has a distinctive tone, which has a deeply affecting purity and lyricism. His highly melodic improvising is matched by personal compositions marked by memorable and imaginative themes that steer clear of any hackneyed notion of ‘Nordic jazz’.

Lately, Pohjola has been performing and recording together with Finnish singer/songwriter duo Tuomo & Markus.

Tuomo & Markus was founded by singer/piano player Tuomo Prättälä and singer/guitarist Markus Nordenstreng. Pohjola has joined Tuomo & Markus for international tours and festivals inc. SXSW in Austin, Texas and EuroJazz Festival in Mexico City.  

Verneri Pohjola and Tuomo & Markus band visited the Genelec Artist Room (at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki) recently with their American percussionist friend Glenn Kotche (from Wilco). The seven piece band performed Pohjola's composition Cold Blooded, which was originally featured on the trumpet player's critically acclaimed Bullhorn-album.