Genelec brings quality to the table at Picnic Cafe

"Investing in public space sound reproduction means also a long service life of the speakers" Jesse Tikkala of Restasähkö Oy

A cozy restaurant deserves high-quality sound. This is what the electrical contractor and entrepreneur Jesse Tikkala of Restasähkö Oy thinks. Established in 2009, Restasähkö Oy in southern Finland specializes in electrical installations in restaurants, but the company also has customers from other industries. In addition to traditional electrical installations, Restasähkö Oy often installs sound and lighting systems.

“Before embarking on a career as an electrical contractor, I worked for ten years in the sound and lighting business. It is an advantage for the customer that we can provide comprehensive contracting services and install the audio and lighting systems at the same time,” says Tikkala.

According to Tikkala, the Genelec loudspeakers offer excellent sound quality and they have generated a lot of positive feedback from customers. “When the sound is just right, nobody pays any attention to it,” observes Tikkala. 

“However, if there’s anything wrong with the sound and the system sounds bad for any reason, you can guarantee it’ll get noticed straight away! Genelec speakers are premium-level products and I’m pleased to say we’ve never had any negative remarks.”

Jesse Tikkala has confidence in Genelec. "If you want to invest in customer satisfaction, then the quality of the speakers should be top notch", he says. "It is worthwhile investing in speakers."

According to Tikkala, achieving high quality sound is a considerable investment for the customer, but it is profitable. Tikkala has noticed a significant change of attitude in customer thinking over recent years, with more and more clients willing to invest in good sound reproduction.

"Genelec products are not the cheapest in the market, but they do not need to be," he says. "If you buy cheap audio gear, you will have to replace it in three years. When you invest in quality, you get much longer life expectancy."

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40 x 4030 Installation Speakers

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Original text in Finnish by msonic oy