Genelec Chosen for ‘100 Moods From Finland’ Project

To celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence, 100 Moods From Finland takes you on a virtual online tour of all the beauty that Finland has to offer – in full immersive 360° VR glory.

Featuring the Northern Lights, Bears, Bars, Reindeer, Snowboarders - and some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that you’re ever likely to see - 100 Moods From Finland is spending the whole of 2017 capturing 100 spectacular locations around the country, allowing online viewers to experience the sights and sounds of Scandinavia in premium quality 360° video and audio.

But that’s not all. 100 Moods is also touring cities in Europe and delivering the same content in an igloo-shaped space specially designed for the project, equipped with Genelec 8030 monitors and a 7360 subwoofer - providing a social virtual reality experience with immersive sound, but without the need for VR glasses.

Making of - part 1:

Making of - part 2:

Making of - part 3:​

For more information visit:

100 Moods From Finland website