Genelec Get Spicy

Simon Ellis - Spice GirlsGenelec, pioneer of active monitoring systems, has got in on the act after Simon Ellis, Musical Director of the upcoming Spice Girls tour, who took delivery of a Genelec 8250A & 7070A subwoofer and GLM software for on stage monitoring during the extensive rehearsal program leading up to the long-awaited Spice Girls reunion tour. This DSP monitoring system is especially useful as it can assure consistent results at the many different venues they will be going to.

In fact there are no less than three Genelec systems in use on this five month major global event. FOH engineer Ray Furze has a pair of 8050’s and so has keyboard technician/programmer Vince Barker.

The long awaited tour kicks off in Vancouver Canada in December. Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, 35, described the selling out of the tour in just 38 seconds as "shocking", but promised fans the band would give their audiences a night to remember.

Genelec dealer Studio Creations, London, supplied all the Genelec monitoring and the mobile and static systems for the tour. The overall sound system is, as you would imagine, pretty extensive. The static systems are based around Digidesign Pro Tools HD running on a 2.5 gHz Quad PPC using Apple’s Logic Pro as the initial writing tool, then tracking to Pro Tools. The playback systems for the tour have been provided by "Frontline Backline" using the Tascam MX2424’s. Studio Creations is providing 24 hour support for all the systems.

The Spice Girls’ rehearsals program began with three weeks in London. This has been followed by a further six weeks in Los Angeles before the tour proper gets underway.

Simon, as a writer and producer, has been a long time fan of Genelec monitoring systems. He has them in his home studio so the use of this large system at this stage of the tour production has proven invaluable. He says:’ I find the Genelecs so easy to work with: they are clean but can deliver the goods even at tremendously high levels. I will be taking them on tour with my recording system, so I will always have a good solid point of reference.”

Ray Furze uses them on stage for set up of the recording system and he finds them ideal for assisting him in getting the initial balance. He will often flip between the main system and the 8050A’s at this stage. Also in the initial set up for a show, he finds it much easier to use the PFL on a small system than the complete PA rig. Ray likes the transition between the Genelecs and the rig. He says: “Genelecs represent “the real world” much better than anything else I have tried in the past.”