Genelec Goes One On One with Jonathan Wilson

Los Angeles based Jonathan Wilson is a unique Renaissance Man. He’s a Bella Union recording artist and songwriter with three critically acclaimed solo albums to date, and a sought-after studio musician and gifted multi-instrumentalist currently employed by none other than Roger Waters. When he’s not playing, you’ll find him on the other side of the console, working as an engineer and producer with an exclusive clientele that includes Father John Misty, Roy Harper, Erykah Badu, The Dawes and Lana Del Rey.

“Doing all the different things - whether it’s to produce or do my own shows with my band or to be playing the songs of Pink Floyd all across the world - I actually think about it as one thing, one big job. It’s fantastic to me to mix it up and shake it all up so that no one really knows ‘what does that guy do?’ and ‘who is that dude?”, Jonathan says with a glint in his eye while seated next to his beloved Cadac console.  

Jonathan’s own Fivestar studio has moved home on several occasions – from Laurel Canyon to Echo Park to its most recent location in Topanga Canyon. There, in addition to his impressive vintage microphone and outboard gear collection, Wilson relies on Genelec. The new  S360 high-SPL two-way SAM monitors currently take pride of place in his control room, having been optimised for the space using  Genelec GLM calibration software.

In our exclusive One On One video interview, Jonathan lets us into his world and tells us about his career, life in the studio, and his love for Genelecs.

 “The number one thing is that they can translate the work that you do, particularly the top end. One thing that seems super great about the GLM is to be able to take the speakers to my next space and tailor them for that room. I just like the fact that you can change the position from the this kind of thing, like a standing thing. That's amazing, and to further that basically to have a preset for the couch or something: that is genius.”