Genelec immerses itself in another successful Inter BEE

November 14 – 16
Makuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku,
Chiba City

In November, Genelec returned to the Makuhari Messe, near Tokyo, for the 54th Inter BEE exhibition. Long recognised as Japan’s leading broadcast show, Inter BEE has greatly expanded in recent years to incorporate a breadth of technologies from all corners of the audio industry. The show fills all eight halls of the Messe, and this year attracted more than 40,000 visitors. Among them, more than 5,000 visitors were drawn to Genelec's demo booth, where the newly launched S360 monitor worked alongside models from The Ones range of coaxial point source monitors to deliver a full 7.1.5 immersive audio experience.

In addition, this year the Genelec booth drew large crowds with a variety of special guests from across the musical spectrum. Each guest led the audience through the techniques they had used in the creation of immersive audio recordings.

Among them was Mick Sawaguchi, CEO of the UNAMAS Label and a highly respected record producer in his own right, who presented recordings from a 2014 performance at Ohga Hall, where each composition was captured with microphones at differing heights. Meanwhile, Hideo Irimajiri, the well-known recording engineer from WOWOW, presented studio recordings in an immersive audio format and demonstrated how listeners perceive music when different techniques are applied for microphone placements, mixing and more.

Hideo Irimajiri

Respected musician Akihiko Matsumoto offered a more academic presentation which included studies on immersive audio applications of musical compositions which were composed by computer programs using mathematical algorithms. Later, producers Yusuke Asada and Maro Miyagawa presented 11.1 channel immersive audio recordings of pop music and discussed mixing in immersive format whilst using a DAW without a surround panning function. Finally, Daniel Rudrich from the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Graz, hosted the IEM Plug-in Suite, which featured 3D Ambisonic plug-ins up to the seventh order. Drawing strong interest from Japanese audio professionals, the same presentation featured at AES Milan earlier in 2018.

Akihiko Matsumoto

Beyond the demonstrations, the Genelec booth showcased the new S360, the Ones range including the 8331, 8341 and 8351, and GLM 3. We look forward to another successful Inter BEE in 2019!