Genelec launches the One Minute Masterclass video series

Recognising the need for short, easy-to-digest educational videos, Genelec is launching the ‘One Minute Masterclass’ series which aims to guide the viewer through Genelec’s range of products, helping them to choose the right model and then offering expert advice on how to get the most out of their speakers.

Presented by senior R&D specialist Darren Rose - who has been with Genelec for almost 20 years and has helped design products ranging from the 6010 desktop monitor to the full-size 1236 - the series of 60-second videos will give some background to Genelec’s Professional, AV Install and Home Audio ranges and then help guide the viewer to the most appropriate speakers for their application.

Darren will then give some simple guidance on room acoustics, speaker positioning, and how to use the rear panel room response controls on Genelec speakers to help optimise their performance for a range of situations.

And for those looking for even more control of their speakers, Darren will go on to explain how the SAM range of monitors and our GLM calibration software can help tackle even the most difficult of acoustic environments.

To watch the videos, simply subscribe to the Genelec Official YouTube Channel, or follow Genelec on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Part 1 What is One Minute Masterclass?

Part 2 Why does Genelec have different product ranges?

Part 3  What are the differences between Genelec’s product ranges?

Part 4 How to choose a monitor from Genelec's Professional range?

Part 5 Should I touch the DIP switches on my monitors?

Part 6 What are the features of good room design? 

Part 7 Why do you need proper monitoring speakers?