Genelec Listening Room a Hit at AES Dublin

March 21-23
The Convention Centre Dublin

The 146th AES Pro Audio Convention arrived in Dublin last month promising to ‘Excite Your Ears’, and we set out to do just that.

Our Listening Room served up a selection of both stereo and immersive material, delivered via a 7.1.4 system comprising the  S360,  8351,  8341 and  7380 models, and stereo pairs of the  83318341 and  8351 coaxial monitors. The entire system was configured and calibrated using our powerful  GLM software, which allowed the entire monitoring system to be optimised for the rather ‘non-studio’ environment of the Dublin Convention Centre’s meeting rooms! 

Throughout the show, a steady stream of visitors from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia made themselves comfortable in the room to hear our rolling program of monitor demonstrations, and to listen to informative talks by leading industry figures including Florian Camerer, Hyunkook Lee, Kimio Hamasaki, Bob Katz, David Griesinger, Lasse Nipkow and Adam Daniel.

Florian Camerer

Hyunkook Lee

Kimio Hamasaki

Lasse Nipkow

Adam Daniel


We were also delighted to host the AES student critique sessions once more - where students come to have their recordings analysed by an experienced panel of judges - and again this year we were really impressed by the quality of the work that these young people are producing. It bodes well for the future of recording.

On the Pro Sound Expo (PSE stage) our own Eric Horstmann gave two talks - one that demystified immersive audio, while the second explained how to get the best performance from your room. Elsewhere, in the technical program, Thomas Lund chaired the Circles of Confusion workshop which discussed the baseline listening requirements for in-room and headphone spectral balance and level that stand the test of time. 

Eric Horstmann

And to show that we also happily provide large room immersive solutions, we also equipped the centre’s Liffey Hall 2 with a multichannel monitor array to power a variety of workshops, panel discussions and tutorials dealing with immersive & spatial audio. The system comprised 3 x 1238DF as LCR, 2 x 1238CF as sides, 3 x 8260 as rears and 4 x 8350 as overheads. A pair of  7370 subwoofers handled the LF.

To everyone that visited us, we hope that you all went away with your ears suitably excited, and we’ll see you at the next show! 

Some of our audience with Lasse Nipkow (in front, far left) and Bob Katz ( far left, behind Lasse Nipkow).