Genelec remains number one for Hardwell

Over the years, Dutch studio designer and acoustician  Jan Morel has formed an extremely successful partnership with superstar  DJ producer Hardwell - having created two studios already, with a third planned for later this year. At the heart of this relationship are Genelec studio monitors - which help to give Hardwell the sound quality and low end control he requires.

Voted the world’s number one DJ in both 2013 and 2014 by DJ Mag and ranked at number three in the title’s top 100 DJs poll in 2018, Hardwell has developed a reputation as one of the most in-demand performers in the world. Having taken a break from touring, Hardwell’s recent musical focus has been back in the studios that Morel has created for him.

The most recently completed project saw Morel turn a bedroom in Hardwell’s lakeside home in the Dutch town of Breda into a top-of-the-line production facility. “Hardwell wanted to have an environment where he was able to work 24 hours without any signs of fatigue,” recalled Morel. “It was a special project because it was a challenge to create the best possible producer’s studio for a number one DJ in a bedroom!

“We needed to start from a large bedroom situation, which had a lowered concrete ceiling on one side,” Morel continues. “It was not easy to create a design where we would end up with the right acoustic balance, so as a solution for this we integrated the lowered ceiling into the acoustic shape and mirrored it on the opposite side of the room. After that we could build up the heavy stone front wall for the Genelec main system to complete the whole acoustic room shape.”

The system in question comprises a pair of 1034B main studio monitors with a 7073A subwoofer. “This is the perfect main monitor system for getting the best out of this room,” explains Morel, adding “I am still overwhelmed by the beauty and harmony of the room: the ambiance is amazing and the sound is brilliant. This certainly is a room where you can work for a full day without getting tired.”

Hardwell himself comments that “The whole room is one giant sweet spot - no matter where you are in the room, the sound doesn’t change.”

Moving on from this, the next collaboration will see Morel create a holiday studio for Hardwell on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Following the success of his home studio in Breda, Genelec will once again be at the heart of this new facility, with  1237A smart active studio monitors being specified along with a pair of 7370A subwoofers. “For me, when it comes to main monitoring systems there are no other alternatives now to the Genelec 1200 series,” he states. “They have all the qualities that you look for, such as high definition right across the frequency range and full dynamics at every level.”

With construction of this third facility underway (and we’ll bring you more news as soon as the project is completed), the relationship between Morel, Hardwell and Genelec looks to be going from strength to strength. “We will always work to deliver a final result that is beyond expectation and matches his number one status,” concludes Morel.