Genelec sponsors AES LAC 2018 – Uruguay

24th to 27th September 2018
Centro de Conferencias de la Intendencia de Montevideo

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Between September 24th to 27th, the Audio Engineering Society hosted its 2018 Latin American conference in Uruguay, taking place within the facilities of the Intendencia de Montevideo, and with the sponsorship of Genelec.

Genelec has always played an active role within audio education, particularly when it comes to supporting the worldwide activities of the Audio Engineering Society (AES). Most recently, that support extended to Latin America, where the audio sector has experienced significant growth.

On this occasion, Uruguay played host to the regional AES LAC event, with the local section organising three days of conferences, workshops and competitions as well as fringe events which took place outside of the historic building of the Intendencia de Montevideo.

David Scheirman (AES President) speaking in the Blue Room of the Intendencia de Montevideo.

The panel of speakers included participants from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, the United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela, among other countries. Genelec contributed to the conferences with the presence of Thomas Lund, who spoke about Loudness standards.

Thomas Lund (Genelec Senior Technologist) discussing loudness

The event also featured current AES president, David Scheirman, former AES president Andrés Mayo, Rodrigo Meirelles (TV Globo), Joel Brito (AES Brazil), Ian Corbett and Bob McCarthy among many others.

Rodrigo Meirelles (TV Globo, Brazil)

Darío Peñaloza (Venezuela)

From left to right: Darío Peñaloza (Venezuela), Andrés Mayo (Argentina), Mauricio Gargel (Brazil), Thomas Lund (Denmark), Juan “Cana” San Martín (Argentina) y César Lamschtein (Uruguay).

Parallel to the presentations, workshops were held at the leading recording and post-production studios in Montevideo, such as the historic facilities of Estudios Sondor (founded in 1938), Vivace Music (which has a 5.1 Genelec 8050 + 7070A system and was designed by WSDG), La Mayor Cine (Dolby certified studio), or Macedonia Estudio. In the latter, Mauricio Gargel conducted a workshop on mastering using Genelec 8331 three-way coaxial monitors from The Ones range, available for the first time in Uruguay. Mauricio also presented a very interesting conference about 360 audio, for which a system of six 8320 monitors were positioned in a hexagonal layout alongside a 7350 subwoofer.

Mauricio Gargel (Brazil) doing mastering workshop in Macedonia Studios

In Estudios Sondor, several workshops were also carried out with Genelec 8030 monitors, covering various topics such as impulse response measurement (conducted by Alejandro Bidondo of UNTREF from Argentina), the subjective and objective factors of a recording (by Daniel Orejuela of UArtes de Ecuador), recording a jazz ensemble (by multi-Grammy winner Darío Peñaloza), and an audition of several classic pieces of Uruguayan music with the 8331 monitors and 7350 subwoofer, featuring commentary by César Lamchstein (AES LAC 2018 coordinator and VP AES LATAM), Juan Campodónico (Bajofondo), Julio Berta, Álvaro Reyes, Daniel Baez and Luis Restuccia.

César Lamschtein (AES Uruguay) in Estudios Sondor.

The final stage of the recording competition took place over three days in the Red Room of the Intendencia de Montevideo. Students from several Latin American countries participated in some of the four existing categories. The jury was able to evaluate their work through a system formed by 8331 coaxial monitors and a 7350 subwoofer, calibrated with Genelec Smart Active Monitoring (SAM).

Ezequiel Morfi (Chair of the recording competition, Argentina) and one of the participating students.

The winners of this competition in the "gold category" received Genelec monitors, courtesy of Genelec and Equaphon. They were Carlos Tejada Becerra, from Las Quintanillas in Trujillo(Perú), who has already installed his pair in the Estudios TARAB, Lima, and Dominique Silva Cusido, a student of Tamaba, Argentina.

Carlos Tejada (Peru), Miguel Domínguez (Genelec) and Dominique Silva (Argentina)

AES LAC 2019 has already been scheduled for September 16th to 18th, 2019, and Genelec has already had the opportunity to talk with Jorge Azama, who will be in charge of that edition about the collaborative opportunities for spreading audio education within the region.

Miguel Domínguez (Genelec Latin America) y Jorge Azama (AES Peru)

Until then, Genelec would like to offer warm thanks to everyone within the AES Uruguay section, César Lamschtein for his excellent organizational work, our distributor for Argentina and Uruguay, Equaphon, and especially to Mateo Gargiulio, the representative of Genelec in Uruguay, for his great dedication.

Thomas Lund with Mateo Gargiulio (representive of Equaphon and Genelec in Uruguay).