Genelec Supports The Voice of Finland 2018

As a committed supporter of artists working in the music industry, Genelec is proud to continue its sponsorship of channel Nelonen's ‘The Voice of Finland’ show, now in its seventh season.

Genelec monitors are already an integral part of television productions all over the world, with broadcast audio professionals relying on them to mix both in the studio and in the OB van. For The Voice of Finland program, Genelec-equipped OB vans are travelling to Logomo in Turku to work on each program.

As a format, The Voice of Finland matches Genelec´s core values perfectly. It throws open the music industry doors to new talents, the show has a very supportive atmosphere - and the whole production is very professionally implemented. And as a proud Finnish brand, we’d like to think that as Finland celebrates 100 years of independence this year, that we have in some small way also become a “Voice of Finland”!