Genelec unifies different listening environments in new TVB City

In the quest to unify the sound of all facilities within the new TVB City, Television Broadcasts Ltd., Hong Kong, has chosen Genelec as "the official" monitoring speaker. TVB's Audio Post Production facilities have since then installed 11 pairs of 1037BM, over 9 pairs of 1032APM, and a number of smaller speakers including 1031APM, 1030APM and 1029APM.

Most recently just after the completion of the last Dubbing Room, Genelec's engineer visited TVB not only to measure & calibrate the installed speakers, but also to present the latest in speaker design and placement concepts including a surround mixing environment. Surround sound is a new "to be" hot topic amongst broadcasters in Hong Kong and Greater China as the region is still awaiting the announcement of digital broadcast standard.

TVB studio control room
TVB studio

"It's valuable to have an expert from the original speaker manufacturer to check the installation. This gives the client confidence that the listening environment is optimized and its done by someone who knows the speakers inside out. Also the presentation on speaker design, placement and surround sound was very educational. We all hope that more of such presentations can be arranged in the future", commented Jeffrey Chiu, Project Manager from Digital Media Technology (DMT). DMT was appointed as the system integrator for TVB's Audio Post Production facilities.

Genelec international sales manager, Lars-Olof Janflod, also commented that the broadcast industry in China is in for a huge change with the upcoming implementation of Digital Broadcast. "Genelec has been synonymous with the Asian market. Our relationship has grown stronger eversince we set up our China operations in Beijing in June 2002. The response from the local broadcasters has been very positive. We are here to stay."