"Also, these Genelecs are the most honest speakers I’ve ever heard"

“When I was a bedroom producer, I always worked on the small Dynaudio speakers; and then I switched to the Focal SM9s, which were very good for me back then. But recently, Jan [Morel, studio designer] played me the Genelec 1034s for the first time, as we were building this new room, and I fell in love with the sound right away,” Hardwell says, and turns the volume up a little more, allowing his Genelec 7073 subs to kick in a little. “I wanted to have a main monitor system, but not too big, because if you’re producing day in, day out, your ears will get tired. I spend 12 hours a day in this studio, and I can tell you I never switch back to my nearfields, because my ears never get tired. It’s a main system, but it still feels really close to you. The only things you crank are your ears! 

“Also, these Genelecs are the most honest speakers I’ve ever heard. Besides being a DJ and producer, I am an engineer who does a lot of mixing and mastering for a lot of guys, so I want to have a speaker I can mix a really good pop record on, and a hard style record on; and when using these speakers, when you play your track, you can tell if the high end is not right in the mix, or if the kick is fighting with the bass line. It doesn’t matter if it’s a really dark underground track or a Britney Spears track, you can hear everything here.”

Hardwell: Know No Bounds - Read the full article here 

Words: Paul Watson - Photographs: Lars-Olof Janflod 

Headliner Magazine Issue 13 Jan/Feb 2016