High End Show Embraces New F Series Subwoofers

May 9 - 12
MOC München | Atrium 4.2 E228

High End Munich is the largest international Hi-Fi event on our show calendar, bringing together a tremendous number of passionate audio enthusiasts. If you dream of perfect sound, then this is the event where you’ll find the equipment to deliver it.

Genelec has been a proud exhibitor at the show since 2011 - when our G and F Series loudspeakers were first launched as the perfect combination to bring professional quality sound into the home - and this year saw the show grow in size yet again, with over 21,000 visitors attending from over 70 countries. It was without doubt the busiest High End show we’ve yet experienced.

This year we chose Munich to  unveil our newly updated F Series subwoofers, give High End debuts to both  the S360 and  7382 high-SPL models, and allow visitors to hear both  the G Series two-way models and  the award-winning ‘The Ones’ three-way coaxial series.

Updated F One and F Two Subwoofers.

At our press event on the Thursday, Genelec Marketing Director Howard Jones introduced the new F Series, explaining how major updates to the connectivity, performance and feature set of the F One and F Two models now make them one of the finest and most future-proof music streaming and TV sound solutions available. The new subwoofers now offer optical and coaxial digital inputs, higher SPL, updated remote capability, more comprehensive DIP switch features and improved power supply and amplifier design.

Genelec Marketing Director Howard Jones introducing the new F Series.

But High End is so much more about listening than talking, so after the press event we encouraged all visitors to the room to stay and enjoy a range of listening experiences…

The G & F Series combination represents a supremely affordable way to bring Genelec quality to the home, and visitors were able to audition both G One/F One and G Two/F Two combinations with high quality stereo source material. The new F Series means that a digital source such as a TV set, streamer or soundcard can be fed directly into the subwoofer, which then bass manages the audio and feeds the G Series main speakers - thus acting as a beautifully high quality home audio hub, controllable via both RF and IR remotes.

The Ones, G Series and F Series. 

Guests could also experience the exquisite point source performance of The Ones, which deliver precise, uncoloured reproduction with extraordinary imaging and extended frequency response. All three models – 8331, 8341 and 8351 - were on demonstration, having been optimised for the Munich listening space using our intuitive  GLM calibration software

Lastly, we were able to raise the playback levels just a little to showcase the hugely impressive performance of the high-SPL pairing of the S360 two way loudspeaker and 7382 subwoofer - specifically designed for larger rooms and home theatre systems, and able to deliver jaw-dropping power with reference-quality precision.

And to demonstrate that a class-leading high-SPL loudspeaker solution has no end of applications, Petteri Sariola - Finland’s finest virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist and singer - came to our room and treated guests to an exclusive live set of his unique songs, all played back through the S360s. The ability to faithfully reproduce all the excitement and the subtle complexities of Petteri’s performance was a true testament to the S360’s highly sophisticated design.

Petteri Sariola - Finland’s finest virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist and singer.

A big ‘thank you’ to all those that dropped by to see us, and for those that weren’t able to visit - you’ll know where to find us next year!

Visit our Instagram account to see  a tour around the booth and  Petteri Sariola's performance.