Japan Welcomes The Ones

The Ones made their debut appearance in Japan last month at a spectacular launch event at the Finnish Embassy in Tokyo.

Attended by over 60 guests, the newly-formed team at Genelec Japan organised a fantastic program that allowed engineers, acoustic designers, broadcasters, dealers and press to see, hear, and learn about The Ones – and get some great industry insight from VIP guest speakers.

After introductory speeches from Mr. Kanji Murai of Genelec Japan, Siamäk Naghian and Juho Martikainen of Genelec, and Juha Niemi, the Minister-Counsellor at the Embassy of Finland, the audience was able to hear the legendary Mr. Sam Toyoshima – leading acoustic designer and Emeritus professor of Yokkaichi University – recount his experiences with the Genelec 1035 main monitors and how their adoption by Townhouse Studios in London helped kick start the worldwide Genelec revolution.

Mr. Kanji Murai, Managing Director of Genelec Japan

Juha Niemi, the Minister-Counsellor at the Embassy of Finland

Mr. Sam Toyoshima – Leading acoustic designer and Emeritus professor of Yokkaichi University

Mr. Toyoshima was followed by Mr. Eiji Uchinuma - renowned engineer, chairman of Mixer’s Lab Studios and long-time Genelec user – who described his love of the linearity of the 1035’s frequency response and its dynamic mid-range performance, and how he went on to become a devotee of the S30 and 8000 series monitors.

Mr. Eiji Uchinuma – Engineer and chairman of Mixer’s Lab Studios

The subject then turned to The Ones themselves, with Genelec’s Thomas Lund and Aki Makivirta going on to describe in detail how The Ones’ Ultimate Point Source design was developed and how it provides extraordinary precision, uncoloured imaging, a large sweet spot and reduced listener fatigue.

Finally, having absorbed the design principles, guests were able to retire to the listening room to hear The Ones in action for themselves, with all three models – 8351, 8341 and 8331 – on demonstration.

Genelec would like to thank the staff at the Finnish Embassy for their kind hospitality, and the hard work of the Genelec Japan team in staging such a memorable event!