Natural Composite Enclosure (NCE™) Technology

Sustainable and recyclable Natural Composite Enclosure (NCE™).

Since its founding Genelec design philosophy has been based on sustainability and environmental values. Genelec is also known for its ability to introduce new and innovative technology. In fact, from 2003 Genelec was involved in university research projects studying the use of wood composites for injection moulding. In 2009 Genelec started a program to develop enclosures containing one half of wood fibres.

Genelec innovative M Series Natural Composite Enclosure, NCE™, employ a new environmentally friendly material manufactured in Finland from wood fibres and other recyclable materials. The NCE™ material is best described as injection-mouldable wood, which contains approximately half wood fibres. Other materials include colour pigments, flame retardants, lubricants, etc., which are all integrated in a polypropylene matrix. Polypropylene is a recyclable material (polymer resin identification code number 5) that features a low melting point ranging between 130 and 170 degrees Celsius. This environmentally attractive polymer has been selected for its resistance and durability, its high internal damping and its resilience against impacts and physical damage.

In terms of manufacturing, the injection moulding process allows design of structures with small wall thicknesses and multiple internal support and bracing to increase the enclosure stiffness. Production of acoustically highly optimized outer shapes and forms become also possible. At the same time the enclosure internal volume is maximized, which is paramount to achieve high acoustic output at low frequencies. The material itself has high internal vibration energy losses which is advantageous in enclosure design, where damping and rigidity is required.

The highly renewable NCE material features also many of the outstanding acoustical properties found in wood fibres, being 100% stiffer than the common ABS plastics typically used in loudspeaker enclosures.

Additionally, the often environmentally hazardous painting has been eliminated from the production process, saving also in transportation and handling. In fact, enclosure front and back parts are manufactured as finished elements, ready for assembly, in factories close to Genelec’s manufacturing plant.