Measured Success


  • Genelec 8200 and 7200 systems support all standard AES/EBU digital audio formats
  • The 8200/7200 series accept sampling rates ranging from 32 kHz to 192 kHz
  • The 8200 series support analog signals and provide full compatibility with Genelec 8000 series products
  • Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) is a software that provides full control of all loudspeakers on the network
  • Up to 30 loudspeaker/subwoofers are controllable using standard CAT5 cabling
  • All system and loudspeaker settings can be stored in System Setup files or directly into each loudspeaker
  • AutoCal™ is a fully automated acoustical calibration tool for a single room multi-loudspeaker system
  • Uses a calibrated Genelec measurement microphone (included)
  • Correctly sets levels, distance delays, phase (for subwoofers) and room response equalization
  • SinglePoint™ and MultiPoint™ microphone locations for one, two or three-person mixing environments
  • Interactive Response Editor provides visual readout of measured and corrected response curves