Mic to Monitor 2017 - Stockholm

7th September | 18:00 - 21:30
SAE Sweden AB School of Audio Engineering Sweden AB, 45 Råsundavägen, 169 57

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Prism Sound is running this FREE seminar at SAE/Sound Trade Studios in Stockholm alongside fellow leading manufacturers SADiE, Solid State Logic and Genelec as well as our VIP guest speaker Viggo Mangor.

Each seminar features presentations from recording professionals who will answer audience questions on recording techniques. Learn about audio hardware design, get the best out of your studio and talk to our VIP guest speaker as they personally take you through their mixes and reveal their tips and tricks to achieve their acclaimed, signature sound.

How did a classically educated musician end up producing more than 500 CDs?

Viggo Mangor studied in England, Switzerland and Denmark and graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of music as a lutenist with a soloist diploma and from the University of Copenhagen with a Masters degree in musicology.

Active not only as a producer but also as a professional musician, Viggo has also taken up composing and arranging both his own music as well as music by other composers (notably JS Bach).

Unlike most producers, musical performance has been a cornerstone of Viggo’s approach to producing music.

In his lecture, Viggo will tell his own story about becoming a producer almost by accident and how an almost entirely musical approach to both editing and producing has led to where he is today.

He has worked with products from Sadie and Prism Sound since 1991 and all his production work has been centred around interfaces and editing software from this company.

He is hoping that the audience will take an active part in this lecture and ask questions which he will do his best to answer.