Michael Stuber makes Swiss radio happen from Boston studio with Genelec S30D monitors

Michael Stuber portrait - Genelec S30D speakers are the ultimate choice for transatlantic radio promo creator and voice talent to keep the sound sharp spot after spot -

Michael Stuber has the best of both worlds: from his own studio in Boston he creates dozens of original radio promos, and other branding and ID material for two Swiss radio stations - Radio Aktuell and Toxic.FM. Stuber is a one-man radio factory, generating unique and perfect material each time, spending dozens of hours in the studio every week in the process. This, Stuber explains, is why he chose Genelec S30D monitors for his business, noting: "They're simply the best monitors I have ever used for this." Parsons Audio, based in Wellesley, MA, supplied the S30D monitors for Stuber's enterprise.

Stuber came to Boston to attend Emerson College and further an already successful radio career begun in Switzerland. The Genelec S30D monitors, which he has set up on stands around his Digidesign Pro Tools|HD 2 system and PreSonus Central Station, help complete a dream for Stuber. Now, he can continue to service Swiss stations from the comfort of his own studio in Boston, sending finished spots of the highest quality to his Swiss clients via an FTP site and the Internet. Before each spot leaves his studio, it's first conceived, recorded, mixed and monitored over the Genelec S30D's, assuring total sonic accuracy.

"What I especially like about the Genelec speakers is that they completely eliminate listening fatigue," says Stuber. "When you spend eight to ten hours a day in front of speakers listening to very aggressive radio promos, the bells and the buzzers, it can wear down your sense of hearing. The Genelec S30D speakers keep everything sounding fresh, without the harshness that creates fatigue. As a result, my work is better and I feel less exhausted doing it."