Minjohn Lin

Every song mixed by him became a popular hit in China. Minjohn Lin has been working with sound for more than 20 years and he opened his studio door and heart to our crew in China to unveil us the secret behind his success.

He has been using a pair of Genelec 1031 for more than 20 years and now, is enjoining the benefits of the SAM technology using 8320 and 8351.

“One day, Genelec appeared. The EQ of the loudspeakers is tuned according to the acoustic environment. The sound is more natural in the untreated environment”, explains.

Passionate about riding motorcycle, Minjohn Lin describes himself as a free spirit. "The motorcycle is like my girlfriend. Then my own equipment, such as my loudspeakers, are my true love"

That love includes a pair of the unconventional and delightfully compact Genelec 8351A. “I have used 8351 depending on the environment, because the coaxial design gives a very accurate sound. That has solved a lot of problems for me”