More Digital 5.1 at Finnish Broadcasting

YLE new control roomWith the opening of two new fully digital 5.1 audio post production studios, YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster, is entering the final phase of its nationwide move to an all-digital signal chain in both audio and video. The new studios are in the Helsinki broadcast centre and with their opening just a single analogue post studio remains since the conversion process started three years ago.

Based around Yamaha DM2000 digital consoles with DAR SoundStation Gold workstations, both studios have full 5.1 monitoring using Genelec 1031 monitors for the front channels, 1030 for the rear, and a pair of 7060 LSE™ subwoofers. "The Genelec monitoring system and acoustic design is very similar to the first digital 5.1 post production studios we opened two years ago" confirmed Pauli Vellonen, Pauli Vellonen - YLE head of sound"The users were very satisfied with those studios and the same is true of these new ones". The work of the new post rooms is mainly dubbing of animation shows and documentary narration in Finnish and Swedish, and then their mixing. Both studios have large voice over suites with central viewing windows. A unique aspect of the acoustic design is the way that the centre speaker descends from the wall above the window when required for mixing, creating the ideal 5.1 monitoring environment.