NAMM Show 2018

Jan 25th-28th 2018
Anaheim Convention Center 800, West Katella Avenue
Anaheim / California

This year’s NAMM Show was all about the new three-way coaxial monitors, The Ones. Our booth was a 5.1 system consisting of the 8331, 8341, and 8351 for the left and right channels, a single 8351 for a center channel, two 8331 for the rears, and finally the 7380 and 7360 subwoofers for LFE. All the monitors were connected to and being controlled by the new GLM 3 software.

This was the first year NAMM offered two floors dedicated to pro audio technology in their new North Hall. Genelec being right at the entrance of Hall A gave us a flood of guests curious about our new The Ones series.

Guest artist Benni Jud, a musician/songwriter/composer and bass player, performed some original songs and discussed how his 8351’s with GLM and AutoCal are crucial to his mixing process. With his pro tools session open, he muted the bass and vocal tracks then played them live as guests were able choose which monitors they preferred to hear the performance through.

With a noticeably more crowded Day 2 of the NAMM show, four very special guests presented in the Genelec booth.

Record producer and mix engineer Sylvia Massy drew quite the crowd in when she started breaking down her mix of the rock band Turbonegro and discussing some of the technology behind The Ones. After mixing on the 1031s for years, she says the 8351 were the perfect upgrade for her studio.

Richard Chycki, award winning engineer (Rush, Dreamtheater, The Tragically Hip), amazed booth guests and passerby’s by his 5.1 mix of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”. His Pro Tools session had all of the original tracks that he recorded for the album during the early 80s. Chycki solo’d instruments and explained what techniques and plugins he used to make the session into a surround mix.

He then explained to the guests the differences between listening and critical listening, which is what led to him owning his 8351s. “The first time I used these, its was like the speakers weren’t there. I would close my eyes and it was as if I could grab the hi-hat in front of me with my hand“.

Grammy nominated guitarist and current member of the Yardbirds, Johnny A , played a solo set with his guitar and effects pedals. NAMM attendees couldn’t resist pulling out their phones and recording it for themselves. Johnny then talked about how at his home studio he relies on both his pair of 8260s using GLM, and his 8030s at his home studio for recording and mixing. His most important point was that when switching between the 8260s and 8030s, the depth and signature remain the same.

World renowned rock guitarist Gary Hoey who has been mixing his records on the 8250As really stressed the importance of the AutoCal feature within GLM 3. “It is really important to hear what you are doing” says Hoey. Since upgrading to the 8250s and calibrating them to his room, he hears more clearly how his choices in EQing or compressing are affecting the mix than ever before.

Perhaps the proudest moment of the NAMM Show was winning the TEC Award for our new three-way coaxial series, The Ones.

Thank you to everyone who came to our booth this year. See you all at NAMM 2019!

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