Genelec Immersive Experience Lands in NAMM

January 24th - 27th
Anaheim Convention Center

Last month’s show was the first time we brought the Genelec Immersive Experience to the NAMM show floor, with the new high-SPL S360 SAM studio monitor also making its west coast debut at a record-breaking show that drew 115,000 visitors to see 7,000 brands represented by 2,000 exhibitors!

What are the key features of the Genelec S360 high-SPL SAM monitor?

Our 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system was based on The Ones series of coaxial three-way monitors, and consisted of the 8351s for L-C-R, 8341s for surrounds and rears, 8331s for the ceiling, with the 7380 subwoofer handling LF duties. We also featured a pair of 8331s on our Argosy Halo desk, taking a Dante feed from the audio playing inside the booth.

Alongside our rolling program of monitor demonstrations, we once again welcomed a dazzling array of guest presenters to talk about their work and share their experiences.  

We had a very special presentation by Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method and Luke Argillo from Dolby. Together they broke down the process of mixing Crystal Method songs into an immersive format using Dolby’s software RMU.

Next up we had Grammy winning mix engineer Dave Reitzas. Breaking down Pro Tools sessions from The Weeknd, Madonna and Whitney Houston, Dave engaged with the crowd answering any and all questions regarding his mix process - and explained how Genelec’s SAM technology produces consistent reference monitoring, no matter which studio he’s working in.

Nashville drummer Kayleigh Moyer brought along an electric cellist and two violinists to put on incredible performances at the booth on both Friday and Saturday, with the sessions being played out via the S360s and 7380. It’s already clear that this combination creates a beautiful high-quality playback system for live performances.

Heavy metal record producer and mix engineer Mark Lewis (Trivium, Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse) broke down Pro Tools sessions and explained his mix techniques to the audience. Mark also revealed how he relies on his 8351s due to their accuracy and transient response when tracking drums.

Record producer and mix engineer Richard Chycki (Rush, Aerosmith, Dream Theater) talked to the audience about how his 8351s give him a reliable reference wherever he takes them, and treated us to some fabulous 5.1 mixes including Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”. Rich also played isolated tracks and explained the mixing techniques and tricks he used to build the songs from their original stereo format to 5.1.

Electronic artist and sound designer Richard Devine opened his presentation with photos of his evolving studio setups throughout his career, all of which feature Genelec monitors. Richard then explained the design process involved in creating all of the sounds for Google Earth VR and the new Jaguar I-PACE car, before playing some original music and some Ambisonic recordings which ranged from basketball courts, to ocean waves, to a hot tub!

Finally, renowned record producer, mix engineer, and author Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tool, System of a Down) brought in multiple Pro Tools sessions, and talked us through the recording and mix process she uses while working on her 8351s.

Genelec's Marketing Director Howard Jones with the SOS award.

We were also thrilled when the team from Sound On Sound Magazine dropped by the booth to present us with the Best Monitor Award for the 8350 SAM monitor. Short-listed by the SOS editorial team and voted for by the readership, we’d like to warmly thank everyone who voted for us.

So once again, NAMM was a very busy and successful show, and we’d like to thank everyone that dropped by and visited us. We’ll see you again at NAMM 2020.