New Genelec Experience Centre unveiled at India’s Cinespa

Cinespa is a home cinema location with a difference, bringing together the most advanced audio and visual technology to create the first combined Genelec and Native 4K video home cinema demonstration facility in the world - allowing visitors to experience audio playback in all three major immersive formats. With the emphasis on producing an authentic ambience, Cinespa has opted for a suitably state-of-the-art audio solution in the shape of Genelec SAM loudspeakers.

Based in Coimbatore, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Cinespa was launched by Mark Technologies to deliver the ultimate in home cinema demonstrations. Mark Technologies Managing Director, PR Srenivasan, first became acquainted with Genelec during a visit to Galaxy studios, a Belgium-based complex renowned for pioneering immersive post-production:

“When we decided to have an Experience Centre, we didn’t want to compromise anywhere. We wanted a true and authentic sound. During my visits to Galaxy studios, I observed that most of the rooms are equipped with Genelec. We then met Genelec in 2015 at the ISE show Amsterdam, and eventually experienced the loudspeakers first-hand in Mumbai, at the demonstration facility of Genelec’s AV & Home Audio distributor Pandam Professional Audio. That’s when I decided that this was the right choice for our Experience Destination.”

Srenivasan - Managing Director, Cinespa

A five-day Genelec training program and an endorsement from Galaxy Studio’s CEO, Wilfried Van Baelen, further reinforced Srenivasan’s decision. Now Cinespa boasts a fully SAM-equipped immersive set-up comprising of three layers. In the first layer, three 1238A main monitors provide the LCR playback with six 8350A nearfields as the surrounds, while the second layer employs three 8351As coaxial loudspeakers as height LCR, with four 8350As as height surrounds and four 8350As as ceiling speakers. Finally, bass managed low-end is delivered by three 7370A subwoofers working in conjunction with two Genelec 9301 multi-channel interfaces. 

The room’s AV system also employs a Storm Audio 32Ch digital processor, Crestron automation, an Oppo 4K Blu-ray player, a Sony 550 Native 4K projector and Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, DTH and CCTV with fine tuning of the acoustic treatment design supported by the Galaxy Studios’ team.

Srenivasan is enthusiastic about the contribution of the Genelec system to the overall Cinespa experience, particularly as regards the benefits of Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software which allows the user to configure, calibrate and control any Genelec SAM loudspeaker system to provide optimised performance for any acoustic space. “With the guidance and prompt support of the Genelec team, plus the simplicity of GLM’s automatic calibration and bass management features, everything has been done to our high standards and satisfaction. There are no words to describe the combination of, true, authentic and immersive sound with 4K visuals, it has to be experienced. Whether you’re an audiophile or not… even if you’re not an expert, it’s an astounding experience. My sincere thanks to Genelec and Galaxy Studios.”

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An Attempt at Perfection, Article about Cinespa in What HiFi? magazine, August 2018 edition, written by Nishant Padhiar.

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Main image top-right corner (L-R) Sivashanmugam and Subramaniam from the installation team, Srenivasan - Managing Director, Cinespa and Santhanu - Showroom Manager