Rael Jones

Rael Jones is a Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist, based in London.

His long list of high-end credits includes the hit TV series, Sherlock, the hit movie Les Miserables, and most recently the Hollywood drama, My Cousin Rachel. 

For the drama TV series "Harlots", Rael worked with his trusted Genelec 8040 monitors; in fact, he uses them on every single project he undertakes.

“I’ve actually only ever had one pair of monitors in my life, which may sound odd, but if they work so well, why change them? And that’s my pair of Genelec 8040s”

“The thing about Genelec is they only make great speakers; they sound fantastic, and they’re incredibly accurate. Also, they are entirely transparent, and you feel little to fatigue even after using them for hours on end. It’s crucial that you can trust your monitors, and feel at ease around them”

"Rael Jones: Scoring Harlots" - Read the full article:

Headliner Magazine Issue June 2017