Genelec Makes Waves At Top Housing Fair

The undisputed highlight of Finland’s Asuntomessut (Housing Fair) this year was the stunning Wave House - built by Honkatalot in conjunction with architect Seppo Mäntylä - and equipped throughout with Genelec G and F Series Home Audio loudspeakers.

Held in Mikkeli, on the shores of Lake Saimaa, the month-long Asuntomessut continues to be one of the most important events in Finland for showcasing future trends in housing industry – including architecture, building, materials, interior design, furnishing and landscaping. Importantly, the houses on display for the fair are real homes that will be occupied once the fair is over, providing a totally natural environment for visitors to interact with.

The Wave House, constructed from high quality Finnish timber, boasted a prestigious audio system based around Sonos Connect units feeding Tidal-streamed jazz material to a selection of Genelec G One, G Two and G Five loudspeakers, with an F Two subwoofer complementing the G Two speakers in the entertainment room.

Harri Tuomaala, CEO of the co-operative that organises the fair, was clear about the importance of about audio in the modern home: “Human wellbeing is a crucial starting point today when designing residential environments - and high-quality sound reproduction is a significant part of people’s sensory experience. The importance of the soundscape cannot be underestimated when creating balanced and functioning housing, and it has been a pleasure to witness this directly through the quality of the Genelec speaker system that we’ve all heard in the Wave House. The House alone has provided a great experience for the 100,000+ visitors who have passed through its doors during the fair.”

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