The Most Effective GLM Demo Yet?

In this recent ‘Produce Like A Pro’ video with Warren Huart, Genelec’s Steffenee Copley takes a pair of 1032C and 8320 SAM monitors down to Studio 3 of Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, to show just how powerful our GLM software application is in analysing and correcting anomalies in a studio’s acoustic performance.

Steffenee shows Warren how easy it is to configure and calibrate both sets of monitors using GLM, and the before & after results are fascinating. While Studio 3 is one of Warren’s favourite rooms, he recognises that its large format console is artificially boosting frequencies in the 100-200Hz region – and by playing some of his favourite tracks and A/B’ing them with and without calibration, it’s clear how much more clarity and definition GLM provides to the mix.

This is one of the most effective demos we’ve seen of what exactly GLM does, how easy it is to use, and what a dramatic difference it can make - so please watch and enjoy!