Genelec 8351 Helps NEP to Tame the Truck

For over 30 years, from the Oscars to the Olympics, NEP has been a truly global force in broadcast production, with an unrivalled reputation for technical excellence and innovation.

NEP’s UK operation in Bracknell is one of the largest OB providers in Europe, and when a fire at its premises in November 2015 destroyed five of its OB vehicles, the speed at which the company responded was quite astounding: the fire occurred on a Tuesday, and they were out working again by the weekend.

This unfortunate accident did however provide NEP with an opportunity to create a fleet of four brand new UHD trucks, and in this exclusive One On One video interview, Paul Fournier and Neville Hooper of NEP UK let us into their Aurora truck to show us around and share with us the secrets of how they tackle the challenges of working in the acoustic environment of an OB vehicle.

Happily these are challenges that Genelec have helped NEP conquer, since 8351 SAM monitors form the heart of the truck’s 5.1 audio monitoring system. Having spent the day at HHB in London auditioning a host of monitors:

“We came to the 8351s, and we both looked at each other and went 'Wow!’ The presentation is very open, they're easy to listen to and the directionality is superb. With a bit of help from the SAM DSP as well, you can iron out any of the really nasty resonances and things that will go on in a room of this nature.”