YLE build their first surround sound roadster

YLE truck console and speaker viewPaul Mac, Editor of Audio Media, goes to Helsinki to explore the Finnish broadcaster YLE's new outside broadcast truck. The OD-2 is YLE's new roadster, designed mainly for music it has full recording, editing, mixing and transmission facilities built into the Mercedes frame. The truck is based around the new Lawo MC2 80 console, which offers enough routing and processing possibilities to significantly reduce the amount of outboard and patch panels normally required in a truck of this size.
YLE truck outsideThis YLE truck is the first to have full surround capability built in through a Genelec system. There are three 1032s at the front, and more unusually AIW26s at the rear – an in-wall system with two-way ported speakers and remote amplifier modules. The cabinet of these is exceptionally thin as the amp is separate and this meant that YLE could mount them in hinged wall sections that swing out whenever surround monitoring is required. Neat and tidy. Genelecs have become one of the YLE 'standards' – the importance of consistency is well known, where there are many operators around. The first job for OD-2 was a Finnish classical festival, and apart from some very minor teething troubles, it worked very well.
YLE truck inside with staff
Overall, the truck should take its rightful place as the flagship of YLE's large fleet. From the outside it's a slightly oversized Mercedes, From the inside, it's a fully featured recording and broadcast studio – comfortable, quiet and surprisingly roomy.

The monitoring sounds wonderful, putting the Genelec system and the acoustic work in a very favourable light. How much? Well, engineer Antti Potjula estimates that it cost around the one million euros mark. 'That's why I don't want to drive it,' he explains. Quite.

Our thanks to Audio Media for letting us adapt this story. Photography Louis Austin